06.07.19Randy Halberstadt

Hi Mike,

I'm a jazz pianist from Seattle (www.randyhalberstadt.com). I'm writing to ask you to check out a set of online musician directories I recently created. They're completely free to use and free to join - I'm just doing this as a community service. Here's a link to the directory page on my website:


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05.20.19Nathan Mitchell

Ariadne - Copyright Ownership Inquiry

Dear Mike Tucker,

I represent Ariadne Music Resources, the mechanical licensing affiliate of Naxos of America, and we currently administer royalty payments for Whaling City Sound. Our recent mechanical licensing catalog contains an album with works composed by you (listed below).

The Opener

Please respond confirming who owns the copyright to these works so I may follow up with a mechanical license to the respective party.

Lastly, do not hesitate to contact with any questions or concerns you may have.


Nathan Mitchell

05.20.19Tony Sinclair

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04.24.19Brian Wheeler

Hi Mike - checking in for the Marblehead Festival of Arts. I have the Sat July 6th at noon slot available. Can we discuss by phone? 617-834-3706. I need t know if your ensemble is available or not asap please. Brian

04.15.19James Douglas

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04.14.19Aly Chiman

Hello there,

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04.13.19Jack Warner

Greetings Mike!

Jack Warner here (a jazz saxophone student at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music). I am a fan of your music, and will be visiting Boston this June. Wondering if you're planning on being in town and if I could take a lesson with you.


04.03.19Marla Kleman

Hey Mike,

Marla (Scullers). Again, thanks for one of the best shows so far this year. Please give me a call or give me your cel phone number and I'll call you. Mine is 781-974-6654.


04.01.19Randy Halberstadt

Hi Mike,

I'm a jazz pianist from Seattle (www.randyhalberstadt.com). I'm writing to ask you to check out a set of online musician directories I recently created. They're completely free to use and free to join - I'm just doing this as a community service. Here's a link to the directory page on my website:


(Once on that page, you can check out any directory via its VIEW IT link and sign up via its JOIN IT link.)

I launched this project in October 2018. In a few short months it has grown to include over 1600 musicians on six continents.

No worries if you decide not to join. You might still want to bookmark the link in case you need someone else's contact info. You'll recognize many names within the various directories and especially in the FAQ section at the bottom of the main directory page (question #3).

All the best, Randy

03.28.19Matt Sexauer

Hi Mike,

This is Matt Sexauer at Chelmsford High School. We played together at North Andover’s all-town jazz show a few years back. Also we were in Sr. District and All State jazz together back in 1995.
So I borrowed the Jazz Showcase idea from North Andover. Each year we hold a Jazz Showcase concert featuring our two middle school jazz bands and high school jazz ensemble. Along with this we also have a clinician come and work with each group for an hour, take a break, and then perform a concert with the clinician serving as guest soloist.
We were hoping you would be available to be our guest clinician for this year.
The date is coming up quick, and hopefully you're available for that afternoon and evening:

Wednesday, April 24
Chelmsford High School Performing Arts Center
3:00-4:00 CHS Jazz clinic
4:00-5:00 McCarthy MS Jazz clinic
5:00-6:00 Parker MS Jazz clinic
6:00-7:00 dinner break
7:00-8:30 Concert

I hope to hear from you soon. It would be great to have you out for our event!

03.26.19matt richard

mike, your work on dave zinno's new disc is outstanding, so many great arrangements and moments throughout, in particular your tune Requiem which is a very beautiful composition, dave's bowed solo on that tune is one of the most thoughtful and soulful solos that I've ever heard, well done all of you! best regards, matt richard

03.24.19Klaus Anselm

Sounding amazing tonight in Markham Ontario Canada :)

03.06.19Ashley Lee

You were fabulous tonight at Ronnies! The whole band blew me away. Thank you :)

02.23.19Randy Halberstadt

Hi Mike,

I'm a jazz pianist from Seattle (www.randyhalberstadt.com). I'm writing to ask you to check out a set of online musician directories I recently created. They're completely free to use and free to join - I'm just doing this as a community service. Here's a link to the directory page on my website:


(Once on that page, you can check out any directory via its VIEW IT link and sign up via its JOIN IT link.)

No worries if you decide not to join. You can still use the directories if you need someone else's contact info. You'll recognize many names within the various directories and especially in the FAQ section at the bottom of the main directory page.

All the best, Randy

02.12.19Sammy Epstein

Great to have met you at One World Theatre! Sent you a FB invitation. See you on your next trip out here with Mr. Sandoval.

Cheers! Sammy

01.23.19Louis Reid

Mike, I have been looking to take alto saxophone lessons. I learned about you from Jack Finucane (BSS) where I got my saxaphone repaired. I took one lesson with one other instructor but wanted to see if I can get with you. Thanks. Lou

01.23.19Louis Reid

Mike, I have been looking to take alto saxophone lessons. I learned about you from Jack Finucane (BSS) where I got my saxaphone repaired. I took one lesson with one other instructor but wanted to see if I can get with you. Thanks. Lou

11.14.18Susan Morris

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11.09.18Kelsey Bode

Hi Michael, I am a reporter with the Salem News. I'm writing a story about Ron Parsons, band director at Danvers High. He is retiring this year. I was hoping to interview a couple of his former students. Could you give me a call? I was hoping to write the story today or tomorrow, if possible. I can be reached at 978 338 2660. Thank you.

10.13.18Virgil Boland

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09.08.18Judith Coughlin

Can you please call me at 978-979-8146 about Salem Arts Association event we are planning in October. Thanks!!

09.08.18Judith Coughlin

Can you please call me at 978-979-8146 about Salem Arts Association event we are planning in October. Thanks!!

08.04.18Benjamin Mizrach

Hi Mr. Tucker!
My name is Ben Mizrach and I'll be an undergraduate physics major at Tufts starting this fall. My real passion is playing jazz alto saxophone. I turned down scholarships from Boyer College of Music, The Mason Gross Institute at Rutgers, and Peabody Conservatory to ultimately decide that Tufts was the right place for me, but I really want to keep playing music at a high level.

How would I go about taking lessons at NEC / SCE? I would love the opportunity to take lessons from someone as qualified as yourself but I'm not sure exactly what I need to do as a Tufts Student.

Also if you have any advice as to how to enter the greater Boston jazz scene as a non NEC / Berklee student that would be very much appreciated.

Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from you.
Ben Mizrach


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03.24.18Dick Jacob

So glad to have caught you at the MIM's Sandoval concert last night. Will inspire me for a year.

02.28.18Bambi Layne Njamfa

Booking Request 5th October 2018 for Buffalo Arts in Fashion a the historic Kleinhan's Music Hall - Please call me 716-380-7316

02.11.18Jim Kersey

Drummer/ percussionist available for concerts recording etc. Drum set, tympani, percussion.

02.06.18Gene Beason

Hi everyone,
We have too good video basied on 2D and 3D animation. You can also see all subject related video.

12.05.17David Rox

Hey Mike. It's Dave Rox from Gordon College. I have a fine alto sax player who would like some jazz lessons. Might you be free, or could you recommend someone local? Many thanks,


10.08.17James Gardner

Hi, I'm trying again to get information as to how my son, who is 16 and plays saxophone, can try out for the NSJPAS. I can be reached at this e-mail or at 978-273-8892. I will also try your Berklee email.

09.03.17Brian Hogan

Hi Mike, I'm a West Coast guy and heard you for the first time yesterday on Apple Music. Wow! You and your group are outstanding. In simpler terms, really badass great! Please make it to the S.F. area if you can. In the meantime, I was able to purchase two of your CDs at on online site. Keep pushing forward. Good luck, Brian

08.19.17Jim Gardner

Hi, I'm contacting you on behalf of my son Rafer, who is 15 yrs old and plays alto sax. He'll be entering his sophomore year at the Governor's Academy next month, where he is a boarding student. We live in Rockport, and he has been a part of the Rockport Jazz Camp for the past three summers. This summer he met Matt Walsh, and he and Matt, and a few others from the camp, have been playing in a jazz combo at the Rockport Farmer's market on Saturday mornings. He is interested in trying out for the NSJPAS, but as he is a boarding student, we may have somewhat more logistical hurdles than normal. It would be helpful if you could, with as much specificity as possible, outline when tryouts happen, when the group practices, and when it performs. That would let me get started clearing those times with the school, assuming he passes the audition and makes it into the band. We may be at your performance in Salem tomorrow and maybe I can speak with you about this then.


Jim Gardner

02.10.17Jass Bianchi

Hey! Just wanted to drop a line. My name is Jass Bianchi, I am the founder of the BY Music & Arts Festival hosted in Haverhill, Massachusetts. You can check out the trailer here:

The Festival is on September 10th this year. There will be over 140 music performances of all genres in 10 venues, 100 visual artists showcased, 3,000-10,000 attendees in attendance, media coverage, with main stage and side stage options to perform. We have music submission registration open until March 1st, and are spreading the word shall your organization want to submit their music.

You can check out all of the information at www.bymafestival.com. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to connecting. Best, Jass.

12.20.16Saul Cohen

Have heard you several times at Chianti's and was wondering if you might be interested in playing a cocktail party as part of a duo with a bass, guitar or keys. Standards would be fine, but something funkier preferred . Gig details: Januray 20th, 7p-9p, Manchester MA. Rate would be $500 total ($250/musician) for the gig.

12.03.16Glenn Wong

is mike playing anywhere in boston area on december 21 or 22, 2016? Thank you

11.05.16Eric Klaxton

Hi Mike,
I'm a saxophonist/musician in the Nh seacoast area and I am looking to start taking regular lessons again(would be the first regular lessons since graduating from UNH in '11). I'm not sure if you have time or interest, but I figured I would drop a line, as you come highly recommended.
Looking forward to hearing back.
Eric Klaxton

10.14.16Noedy Hechavarria Duharte

Hi Mike ,
My name Noedy . Four months ago I had a course with Chad Lefkowitz-Brown in NY, and I asked him about tendinatis and stiffness in my left hand and he recommended to you . I have this problem for almost 2 years now. I had various treatments with chiropraticians, physiotherapists but the problem is still there. I have a hard time moving the small finger of my left hand when I play. I live in Victoria BC, Canada. I was wondering if it would be possible to meet on Skype to talk about this. If yes, wht would be the rate? Thank you very much for your help


just wanted to be sure it was really you who inquired about my sax on craigslist, not someone who used your name for scam purposes.

07.19.16Paul Hoffman

Hi Michael, you inquired about my sax on craigslist. The only known issue is at the moment I can't get my Meyer 5 off the neck! Original pads. I played it a few months ago and sounded fine. My number is 401 886 5128.

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02.28.16David seriff

Hi Michael, how can I get a copy of sojourn?

11.20.15Jonathan Starr

Hey man, what's up with you? It's been quite a while. I would really like to hear from you and find out what's going on!

11.14.15Richard Pasley

Hi Mike-

I'm Richard Pasley, father of Rebecca, who's in your Saturday 2pm ensemble at NEC. She mentioned tonight that there's a recital coming up and that I should have gotten an email from you, which I have not. I've not gotten anything from you this semester, which may mean you don't have my email address... If you could send future emails to me at rp@richardpasley.com I'd appreciate it. Also, any details you can offer about the where and when of a Dec recital would be appreciated...


10.30.15Tim McCulley

Hey Mike, long time :-)

We should catch up. I want to hear all about everything your doing, and share with you what I'm to.

Tim McCulley

10.05.15JoAnne Chirico

Hi Mike,
It's Ernie Morin's friend, JoAnne. Not sure where you are in the world, but on the off-chance you're nearby and available, we're having a SURPRISE birthday party for Ernie here in Gloucester this Friday, October 9th, and I'm sure he'd love to see you. If you send me your email, I'll forward the invitation to you.

Hope all is well with you.

09.26.15Theo Curtin

Hi Mike, I had a great time at Berklee this summer and learned alot from playing in your ensemble, as well as with you in the Northeast District Jazz band this past January. You mentioned there might be opportunities for me to play with one of your ensembles during the school year, I would definitely be interested in doing that. I'd appreciate it if you would keep me in mind if you are looking for a guitar player for any of your ensembles.
Thank you very much. Theo Curtin 978-587-5135

08.24.15Greg Pare

Dave Brophy suggested I get in touch with you about a possible gig this Saturday in Boston.

Shoot me an email or text/call 617-283-5323



Hey Mike,

This is kinda funny but first of all I'm one of the Berklee Bass players during your time at Berklee back in 2003-2007-ish.

How are you? I'ts been a long time.

I have a question about there was a concert you did a long time ago at the BPC and you played some song featuring you with a tribute to Africa or some Song that you wrote based on Africa. Do you remember anything like this? I have always been trying to remember that song you played on and if there is a recording of it?

ha. Anyway, hope things are great and hope to catch up with you sometime at one of your gigs or around the world.


05.27.15Greg Serrier

Hey Mike,

I'm Greg french drummer from normandy
We met us during the last 5 week program at Berklee
What's up?
Check out my website here http://en.gregoryserrier.com/
and let me know if you're on tour in France
See you!

05.13.15Corey Seapy

Hi Mike,

I couldn't find your email, so I'm going 'old school' through your site. Let me know if you're around Ipswich on June 26 - we'd love to have you play in Gerry's retirement concert if you're available. Details below. Thanks.

Corey Seapy

As you have probably heard, Gerry Dolan will retire at the end of this year after leading the music program in the Ipswich Public Schools for the last thirty years. To honor and thank him for the incredible influence he has had on thousands of students and colleagues, the Ipswich community is hosting a large concert on Friday, June 26 at 7pm in the Ipswich Performing Arts Center.

We'd be honored if you would be willing play or sing, and spread the word about this event among friends and colleagues who are connected to Gerry. Please respond to this email if you are available and willing to perform. Ensembles will include concert band, symphony orchestra, chorus, big band, and chamber groups. A dress rehearsal will take place the afternoon of the performance, and additional rehearsals will occur at IHS throughout the week of June 22 for those who are able to attend.

The concert date is public, though the details are top secret...

Robert J. Bradshaw has been commissioned to write a substantial work for multiple ensembles as a gift for Gerry. DON’T TELL HIM! This piece will serve as a musical and personal tribute, and will close the evening’s program. What better way to say, “THANK YOU," than through a meaningful and lasting artistic endeavor? Please consider donating to this gift! Contributions can be made directly by check, or online:

By Check
Make payable to Anne S. Brown. Write “Dolan Commission" on the memo line.
Mail to: Anne S. Brown, 100 High St., Ipswich, MA 01938. Email: aspeerbrown@verizon.net


05.08.15Haim Pickholz

Hi Mike,
My name is Haim Pickholz. I am a jazz musician.
I am planing to record a couple of tracks on Sunday 5/17 at the Berklee studios. Other players on that project are Mark Walker, Oscar Stagnaro, Sal Defusco, and Jerry Bergonzi.
The music is light Jazz Fusion.
Nick Grondin gave me a contact address that bounced back.
Let me know, I'll send you a sample of the music.

01.15.15Pam Goar

I am wondering if you have availibility to play at our May 1, 2015 fundraiser for the Jericho Road Project. It will be held at UTEC in Lowell. Please let me know what your fees are. I have heard great things from friends who attended the Mill City grows fundraiser. Thank you-pam

05.19.14john bailey

hi Mike, on the odd chance you have nothing to do Wed 5-21 in Danvers we have an octet going playing most all the Dave Pell charts and a bunch of others, lots of originals as this seems to be turning into the retired Berklee professors' band. Tenor is out this Wed, so if you are interested in swing, let me know! John 978 968 5140

05.14.14Tim Messina

I stumbled on you by accident. You are a great player. Beautiful sound. Too many good players out there. You young guys are killing me! Really enjoy listening to you. Tim Messina

04.27.14jeff ellwood

I really dig your playing! I'd be interested in taking a Skype Lesson. Is that something you do?

04.25.14Emily Parasiliti

Hello Mike Tucker,
I am the licensing director at Second Floor Music and we recently came across your album "The Mike Tucker Organ Trio! +1" containing Sonny Stitt's "The Eternal Triangle". Thank you for choosing to record this great music, and congratulations on your project.

Our records indicate that we haven't yet received mechanical royalties from. If you have obtained a license through Harry Fox or Limelight please send over documentation. If not, there is a simple solution through Harry Fox's Songfile to obtain a license which I would be happy to assist you with.

In registering these compositions on Songfile at HFA, you help the composer receive income, and in turn we will help to promote your album on our site Jazzleadsheets. You can Email me at MechanicalSFM@gmail.com . Thank you again, I look forward to speaking with you.

All the best,

Emily Parasiliti

04.24.14Marcelo Alves

Hi, Mike. I met you last week at TribOz (Rio de Janeiro) and we shared a taxi back home (we ended up going to the Lamas in Flamengo). Remember? Man, I really enjoyed your presentation. If you wanna keep in touch... whatsapp +553192972739 and / or facebook.com / mavelaralves. Big hug!

04.03.14Will Broaddus


I'd like to do a story on your upcoming performance in Danvers.
If you have some time tomorrow when we could talk on the phone, I' appreciate hearing from you.

Will Broaddus
Salem News

03.17.14Hilary Gleason

Hi Mike, great meeting you Saturday at Bowlive. James Casey had some pretty nice things to say about you and we thought you'd like to check out our review of the show >> www.themischiefcollective.com/bowlive-5. We hope to get the chance to see you play again soon! Keep in touch.
Hilary and Tory, The Mischief Collective

03.10.14Vita Muir

Dear Mike- Just listened to an audio clip on your FB page. Really nice. I am so glad Mitch suggested we invite your band to play on the second stage at Litchfield Jazz Festival. This is the first year we are doing this and Mitch suggested you literally the day after we decided to pursue this idea! We have always been in lock step he and I. You are doing a fine job with these kids. It must be so gratifying. I gave Mitch some brochures for Litchfield Jazz Camp for them. Encourage them to attend. It is an amazing experience. You will get players back who are strides ahead of when you heard them last. Thats a promise.

02.16.14Eliot Swank

Hey Mike,

My brother, Will Swank, has always given you extremely high praise ever since he introduced me to your music a while ago. I've been a sort-of-lurking fan for a while now.

Anyway, I'm currently booking music at a local venue in Northern Colorado and looking to expand, I'm working on bringing new and great talent to our area, and you're in the top of my list of possibilities. I'm just wondering if you'd ever be willing to travel to Colorado.

If you're interested, let me know.

_Eliot swank

01.31.14Kei Matsumaru

Hi Mr. Tucker,

I wanted you to know that I've been accepted into Berklee with a full tuition scholarship!
I will hopefully see you this summer in Boston!


12.13.13Kei Matsumaru

Hello Mr. Tucker!
I'm in Boston right now, and I'm going to take the audition at Berklee tomorrow morning at 8:30!
Maybe I will see you there?
I'm very excited and a little nervous.

Kei Matsumaru

10.31.13Rafael Ornstein

Nicholas Ornstein will be absent from NEC and his lesson with you this coming Saturday, Nov 2nd. Thanks You- He will be back the following week-Thanks

09.26.13Alex Poeppel

Hello Mike! I hope this message finds you well. i played guitar in one of your berklee 5 week ensembles in 2012, and i now attend berklee full time. our ensemble played Yatra Ta by tania maria and it kicked ass. i was wondering if by any chance you still have the arrangements because i would love to bring it in to my ensemble. Thank you very much!!

09.19.13David Trooper

Mike call me. Important!!!
978-290-9887 cell
978-283-3187 home

09.13.13renato vasconcellos

Hi Mike, looking forward to playing with you in Chapada Jazz Festival (Cuiabá) next week!
When it is possible drop me a line!
Renato Vasconcellos

08.27.13Gilberto Mineiro

(Spreading in the state Maranhao, northwestern of Brazil)

Hi friends! I would like to introduce myself. I'm Gilberto Mineiro. I’m journalist, musical researcher and broadcaster at Rádio Universidade FM in São Luís (an island in the northeast of Brazil which was founded by the French and later colonized by the Portugueses.

Here I produce and present radio program named " Music Company " that is relates with Bossa Nova, jazz, new music, modern music, acid jazz, classical music, new age, progressive, blues, Brazilian Music, World Music, Ethnic Music, experiment music and much more since 1990 It would be such a pleasure to receive your information – press kit with CD in order to spread your work out, in my radio program.

Thank you very much for the attention and interest. I will be waiting for your news.

Send to Gilberto Mineiro

My address is: Rua Santa Rita, 664 - centro, Sao Luis Maranhao cep-65015-430 Brazil

Ps to hear my show radio at the university radio called "Company of the Music", go to the site: http://www.universidadefm.ufma.br / every Thursday, Streaming live from 8 p.m. to 9 a.m., Brazilian schedule

08.19.13Jeff Giacomelli

Mike: really enjoyed your show at Chan's with Gordon Beadle this past weekend. I've been following Gordon for many years and seen him with lots of lineups - the two of you were fantastic. I wish there was a better turnout Friday. All I could think of was that I'd remember that night when you get famous ! Best, jeff

07.21.13Aidan Scrimgeour

Hello, I was playing with Ben Thorne and he mentioned you might need a pianist for some future gigs with the Youth Jazz Project. I currently play with many kids who are or have been involved with the project such as Ben and Brian Cogger. I would definitely be interested in playing if you are looking for a pianist. Thanks and I hope to hear back from you!

07.17.13Adam Olenn

Let's talk about what we can do to spotlight the work you're doing with CityMusic kids, and your own music.

06.27.13Lee Faria

Hi. My son Drew was just accepted as a drummer NSJP. He is really pleased and looking forward to it. Should I send you a check for $150 or is the exact amount still being figured out. Thanks.

05.26.13Mik Mersha

Call me asap, I've got a wedding today in CT I need an emergency ringer on sax/flute.. ceremony is at 4pm. Saybrok Point Inn

04.05.13joe hunt

Mike, I'm too sick to play tonight. Tried calling you, but your phone mailbox is full. Sorry, Joe

03.19.13Kathy Gross

Hi, Michael!
It is time that I am in touch! I continue to cheer you on from the sidelines and feel so blessed to have been a part of your life. I am writing you tonight to ask if there is any chance that you might come perform as a part of the Artist Series concerts at Maple Street Church. Since I am the director of music ministry at Maple Street (since fall 2010), this series one of my responsibilities. The Artist Series is funded by contributions of church members. Beyond your availability, I think the pivotal factor is probably whether we can meet your fee. But nothing ventured nothing gained, right?! We would love to host you in concert back home in Danvers sometime in the 2013-14 year when you are going to be in the area. I know you are now working with a group of young people and jazz, and I am certainly willing to discuss the possiblity of their also being a part of this concert. The options are open!
I look forward to your reply and hope perhaps that we can work something out. At the very least, it would be a joy to see you!
Warmly, Kathy Gross
P.S. Hello from ALL the Gross family!

02.23.13Attilio Caselli

Hi Mike,
we were at Triboz last night, the table at the far right of the stage, on the walkway to the restroom. It has been great hearing you live, the show was just outstanding!!! I'll be in NY from 6th to 15th march, are you planning to play somewhere around there?
Thks again and all the best,

02.06.13Jen Lukason

I am looking for a jazz trio (i.e. drums, keyboard and saxophone) to play at a cocktail hour for a wedding on May 25, 2013 from 4-5:30PM. Could you let me know if you're available and what the pricing would be? Thanks!

12.27.12John LaPorta

Hi Mike, I work across the street at the Cabot Cinema/Theatre and have some ideas about a high school
jazz band concert. Was impressed with the sound coming from your N.S. H.S. Allstars the other night and thought you might know whether it is a practical possibility. Perhaps we could meet sometime to discuss it. 978-578-1690 . Interested in your thoughts.


Hi Mike, JC Lockwood from the Newburyport Current/North Shore Sunday here. Hey, let's talk about the NSJP All Stars when you get a minute, eh? And what's the deal the new album you've been threatening us with for a while now? Hope all's well. JC

10.26.12Mike Wilson

Amazing Mike Tucker!
Definitely the best concert we've had around here for a while!
Look forward to hearing you again soon.

10.24.12Chris and Tim Driscoll

Great to hear about the CD. Looking forward to hearing it.

31 Upper River Road Ipswich 01938

Best wishes for continued success!

10.22.12Jeff Williams


Dear Mike:

Congratulations on your new CD, we understand the journey it took to get here. After listening to each of the online samples of your new CD The Mike Tucker Organ Trio! + 1 and reading through your online biography, we recognize the potential in your new offering to obtain quantifiable (provable & reusable) radio airplay and reviews for your new release.
The samples of The Mike Tucker Organ Trio! + 1 contain great unique compositions and arrangements; I really appreciate the various techniques you explore with your music and on the saxophone. In “Trinkle Tinkle," I really enjoyed the playing; outstanding feel, very nice phrasing of the melody, interesting start to your solo with nice motivic development, great saxophone sound, and the music is enjoyable and creative.
We are a results driven promotions agency with a proven record of airplay placement and national charting with the American Jazz Charts, which include; terrestrial radio stations (NPR, Community and College), satellite radio stations, retail and television radio stations. Our 23 years of experience in many facets of the music industry offer much more than positive airplay and print outcomes; we also offer career building tools with our 3.0 media amenities and social networking promotions, which automatically come with the campaign at no additional charge. At Kari-On Productions, not only do you get results, you get necessary re-branding to make the kind of impact needed to sell your CD, attract new fans and make an impression with industry decision makers.
• 23 years of ongoing relationships with the industry
• National and select international radio promotions to reporting jazz stations (charts).
• Station IDs, & interviews, including accolades from radio MDs/PDs
• National and International critics reviews
• 2.0 Electronic Press Kit (see link below)
• Professionally Designed One Sheet (see link below)
• Biography & Latest Release Polishing and Rewriting (if needed).
• Everyone on staff has a background in music theory so your materials are presented in the language we are marketing – Music – this is not Nike shoes – this is music; so we understand the demographic.
• Social Media Promotions
• Comprehensive rebranding of your results through digital media outlets and print outlets
• Wrap-Up; at the end of the campaign we provided a redesigned one sheet that includes your accolades and accomplishments so the one sheet can be utilized for booking and other industry interactions. Giving you tools to use beyond the campaign junket.

One Sheet Examples: (each one designed to meet your individual style)

EPK Examples:
Mike, either Kari or I would love the opportunity to talk with you to answer any of your questions about our services and to design a campaign that will obtain quantifiable results for your new release, The Mike Tucker Organ Trio! + 1.


Jeff Williams
Kari-On Productions LLC.
706.993.3597 fax
Skype: kari.gaffney

Follow us at:

10.20.12Will Harney

Dear Mike,

Heard your music recently. Really cool! I missed last Friday's show but wanted to throw my artwork site your way in case you ever needed any design work:


10.04.12steve kobb

Hey, Mike --

I'm listening to Fanfare on jazzradio.com.

Diggin' it, Man!

Cheers from Houston,

Steve Kobb

09.05.12Marina Evans

Hi Mike,
Remember me? I'm Frank Evans' (one of your old students) older sister. I met you once quite a few years back, when I was performing in a jjazz duo with my older brother Brendan. It looks like all is going well with you - congrats! I'm writing to ask if you've got any recommendations on where/how I might find a booking agent for my solo career as a singer/songwriter (marinaevansmusic.com). This September I am doing a digital release of the EP I just finished with my band here in Gloucester, and am looking to expand my reach beyond the immediate local music scene. Any ideas? I'd really appreciate your input!
Thanks Mike, hope all is well with you.

08.22.12Just an Oaf

Hi Mike,

We are on vacation starting this Saturday the 25th.
Come down if you can and hang out. We would love
to see you. If not we will see you at baby Anna Bellas bash.
I e-mailed Jenny too... so just maybe you guys can make it.

See ya.

08.17.12Andy Schwartz

Hi Mike,
I got your name from Ted Greely at Sharon Middle School. My son Ben is a saxophone student, going into the 7th grade, and is interested in taking private lessons. Are you still offering them? If so, please contact me. You can either email or call (508-259-1598). Thanks very much,
Andy Schwartz

07.30.12Alexandrine abbatiello

Holà soy alex que ace flower .nô émos visto a la londe al festival d jazz .cuando me diristo adios me quedo son voz . Y nô te pregunto si ténia un mail ou facebook para comunicar. Te derro mi tel 0623530338 si quêrer.

07.29.12The Oaf

Hey Mike,

Just to let you know I am off the last week of August.
Come down then or anytime.
See ya.


I would like to invite you to enter the 17th Annual USA Songwriting Competition. Win a top prize of $50,000 worth of cash and merchandise such as cool gear from Sony, Ibanez Guitars, D'Addario Strings, IK Multimedia, Audio-Technica and more. Also, have your winning songs played on radio! Enter in Pop, Rock/Alt, Folk, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Instrumental, etc.

USA Songwriting Competition has been honoring songwriters from all over the world. Winners came from Australia, Japan, Canada, UK, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, USA, etc. Past winners have gotten recording contracts, getting their songs on film, TV as well as getting cuts with major artists. The 2007 winner hit Top 10 on the Billboard charts with his winning song. The 2005 Winner of the Country category had his winning song cut by Country Superstar Faith Hill. The 2005 winner of the Pop category was signed by Interscope Records. Our 2008 winner appeared on David Letterman TV show and got signed to a record label!

DEADLINE: Enter by May 31st or earlier. Hurry, Enter Now:

*Or enter online here with your MP3, Youtube, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Myspace, files here:

Thank you & looking forward to your entries,

Kymberlee Webb
Admin Dept
USA Songwriting Competition

07.05.12gail shevlin

please add me to your email list for upcoming shows ... thanks

06.10.12Valerie Marcley

Mike - please join us at the Gloucester Block Parties, July 21, August 18 or September 15.
I'd love to have you at one of our three outdoor stages.
Possible Jazz Workshop in September.
Contact me for further info! Thank you, Val
Poster: https://docs.google.com/file/d/1QfgRD2dKSW4NCJWDXdwfD511O9JBTsTGs8IcM4y9mqYAwRUEiSQY6Kzvu7CW/edit?pli=1

05.12.12Sam Schmetterer

Hello,My name is Sam Schmetterer, and I'm the Southeastern District MMEA Junior Jazz Band manager for next year. I've heard a lot of great things about your teaching with City Music, and was wondering if you are interested/available to direct the jazz band. The festival is March 8 and 9, 2013 in Taunton. We had Jeff Galindo as our director last year, and the kids had a great experience. If you are interested, I can bring your name to our next executive board meeting in June. Let me know what you think! I look forward to hearing from you.Sincerely,

Sam Schmetterer

03.26.12The Oaf

Hi Mike,

New e-mail after being hacked.
Japan? France? Nice.
Call or e-mail when you got some time
Take care.

03.15.12Brendan Smyth

Hello Mr. Tucker, my name is Brendan Smyth. I'll be attending the Hokkaido Groove Camp, and I am happy to say that I look forward to having you teach me. I am currently living in Santa Barbara, California, but i grew up in Sapporo and am fluent in Japanese. I am an alto player, and have been playing for about 6 years now. I also hope to see you perform downtown while you are in Sapporo.
I hope to gain the most from my experience in the Groove Camp, and I'm looking forward to able to work with you.
Sincerely, Brendan Smyth

03.09.12auntie oafrey

tu es en paris. j 'ai lu jusque votre page "itinerary". j"espere que tu es horeux. J'aime entendre a votre musique. C'est tres bonne. ecritez vite. kathryn

02.13.12Rose Fisher

Hi Mike -
You used to play for me when i organized events in Kendall Square through Berkley College... I work for North Shore Medical Center now and I am organizing a Taste of the North Shore on April 4th. Do you want to play? It is to benefit the North Shore Cancer WALK so I need the best pricing you can give me. It would be from 6-8:30. Please call me to discuss 978-825-6116 or email rfisher3@partners.org

11.19.11Fred Guedes

Mike I need your release sended by the email , because your site don't alow me to copy.

11.12.11Fred Guedes

Hi Mike, the photos are just ready. We have to take a look all togheter to decide the best one for the banner and to the press.


Hi Mike-- I hope all is well-- and when is your baby due? I was thinking it was around now!
Here's hoping we will get up to hear you soon. Take care-- Wendy

09.21.11Yury Shenkar

Hi Mike, I was refered to you by Karen Bell from the Berklee Alumn. Office.
I have a small music school in the Boaton area, we are looking urgently for a woodwinds instructor, who could ideally also teach beginner piano. Please let me know if you would be interested in the position, or if you know anybody who would.
Thank you very much,
Yury Shenkar 617-710-6454

09.21.11Kevin McCluskey

Mike -

Do you want to special guest at the October 12th, 2011 JRR BPC show? I need to know ASAP - thanks man hope all is well.

Kevin McCluskey

09.13.11Matthew Taylor

Hey Mike!
Hope you are well are you finshed with NEC?


I would like to invite you to enter the 8th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards), [As seen in Music Connection magazine and Acoustic Songwriter magazine), as it is currently accepting entries.

IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) promotes excellence in Acoustic Music Performance and Artistry. Acoustic artists in various genres can gain exciting radio and web exposure through this competition. Participating sponsors include Acoustic Cafe and Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

IAMA is open to all independent artists and labels. Unlike other music industry competitions, IAMA focuses on developing new markets for Acoustic artists, labels and CD releases.

Win prizes in 8 different categories: Folk, Americana/Roots/AAA, Instrumental, Open (any musical style or genre), Bluegrass/Country, Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Group/Duo. There will also be an Overall Grand Prize winner awarded to the top winner worth over US$11,000, which includes radio promotion to over 250 radio stations in US and Canada!

*Deadline to enter: Nov 9, 2011, Hurry! Enter by mail here:

Or Enter online with your MP3:

Or Via Sonicbids:

Thank you for your participation & looking forward to your e-mail,

Kymberlee Webb
Admin Dept
USA Songwriting Competition

07.23.11Carlos Menezes Jr

Hey Mike,

Can you take me on for a few biweekly or monthly lessons in the Cape Ann area? I'm looking for help with imrovisation/jazz theory. Talk to you soon!


07.01.11john sava

i heard you and a kick ass B-3 organ and drum at the Cianti last Friday... you guys getting together again around the NorthShore sometime soon...?? thanks, John

04.20.11David Raider

I am the Program Manager at NewBridge on the Charles, a retirement community in Dedham. I organize all of the concerts, lectures, and classes for our 300+ independent living residents. I would be interested in discussing a future gig here. Thanks!


Hi Mike,
What kind of hard rubber mouthpiece do you use?

03.18.11Mike Tucker

Congratulations on your magnificent work, Mike, from me and my wife, Mimi! You are rocking. I've got my first novel out now on Amazon, AFRICAN SKIES, and my website, www.miketuckerauthor.com, should be back up again in a week or so. Great good luck to you. All the best from northern Saudi Arabia, Mike Tucker

03.08.11Eric Cole

Hi Mike,

I got your name from John Sullivan. He and his son raved about your instruction. My 10 year old son Ethan has been playing the piano for the past 4 years and started up with the sax this year. His first week he could play all of the songs that he knew on the piano on the sax by ear. We are looking for some additional instruction to what he is getting in school. We live in Marblehead and were wondering if you were taking any new students.


Eric Cole 617-413-4783

01.25.11Daniel Bennett

Hi Mike,

I hope you are well! I am writing because I need a sax sub for a gig at the Liberty Hotel tomorrow (Wednesday, January 26th). Are you available? Blake Newman is on bass and Chris Hersch is on guitar. Let me know if you are around. It's an easy gig.. Jazz standards and Latin tunes...

I am sending out a few emails, so I will have to grab the first sub who writes back. I'm hoping this works for you. I would love to have you on board. Details below...

Wednesday, January 26th
Liberty Hotel (main lobby)
215 Charles St
Boston, MA
Dress: Jacket and Tie
Pays $100 per player and free dinner
Valet parking is validated

(617) 413-2055

"Daniel Bennett Group plays a mix of jazz, folk, and trance"
- Boston Globe

"Distinguished reed player"
- Boston Phoenix

"Daniel Bennett's exploratory jazz-folk outfit"
- Boston Herald


You played a very long piece "transformations" ? on Bev Cam... what an amazing piece !!!
Excellent substance with a great resolution / ending.
I can't wait to hear you live.

12.29.10wendy carrier

Hi Mike-- just checked to see if you are playing anywhaere in the next week-- I've got some free time and would love to come hear you!!--
I hope you are well- soon the New Year!!--Wendy

12.03.10chava hudson

hi mike,
the show is live! http://livefromchianti.com/
please send me the list of the guys in your band so that i can list them... i lost it! thanks again for doing the show. hope you like it.

11.23.10Kristy (Gross) Moloney

Hey Mike,

Just checking out what you've been up to in the past decade... You're amazing. Congratulations on all you've achieved! You were destined for greatness anyway - my mother always knew that - and just want you to know that we're all proud of you. May you have many years of success.

Take care,
Kristy (Gross) Moloney

11.23.10Dale Savit

Please help me find out where the December 4 concert is. I am very much interested in attending

10.13.10B. Milazzo

My son David Milazzo studied imporvisiation with you this past summer. David can receive credit for his course work and we could use a syllabus or any other materials youmay have. If you wishto comment on David's work in your class that would be very helpful.

09.02.10Chase Potter

Hey Mike how's your life been since five week? I just wanted to thank you again for being an amazing ensemble instructor. Right now, I'm trying to get college application stuff together for Berklee and was wondering if you could write a letter of recommendation for me. If you are too busy I understand. Hope to hear from you soon!

-Chase Potter

08.30.10Greg Weintraub

Greg Weintraub here (I was the pianist in one of your ensembles... Maxim is my teacher).
I have an extra copy of our ensemble recording for you. Please let me know the best way to get the DVD to you.

08.01.10Becky Guimont

I was in the Alumni Jazz Ensemble at the University of Minnesota, Morris Jazz Festival this year (one of the MANY trombones) and will be in Boston for vacation starting this week. Iwas wondering if you could give me more information about the Festival/Kendrick Oliver and the New Life Jazz Orchestra. I'd love to see a performance! Thanks!

07.30.10Kate Camara

Hi Mike, I missed talking to you after rehearsal last night. You are an incredible teacher and mentor to these students. I so enjoyed experiencing your artistry in teaching as well in music! I would so much like to schedule an interview with you. Are you free today (Friday ) or during the week of blowout concerts on Monday or Tuesday August 9 or 10? Thanks, Kate

06.30.10Paul Brown

this is a great web site and a terrific way of keeping track of you.....

Travel safe and spread good noise!!!!!

Love Ya

06.21.10Daniel Ian Smith

Hey Mike, Trying to find your email address and contact info. I've got a bad flu and have a gig tomorrow night (Tuesday, June 22) in Methuen at the Sahara Club that I need a sub for. Please let me know if you might be avaialble. Either way it would be great to have your info...

04.26.10Jason Aylward

I hate to bother; I'm sure you're busy, but I just wanted to voice my appreciation for the help and constructive criticisms that you gave during the recent jazz fest at Morris. I played bass/trombone with the Richfield High School jazz bands, and your comments and tips have really helped take my playing a step further.

You're a phenomenal player; thanks for the help, and the time, and best of luck with your career!

Jason Aylward

04.18.10David Masters/North Shore Jazz Project Blogger

Hi Mike:

Remember me... the blogger who was at the Sunday Chianti show a few weeks ago (3-28?). Again, would you like to do an interview with me for our upcoming NSJP show on May 2? That would be great if you could! See my blog at www.northshorejazzproject.org. We could do it in person or if pressed for time I could send you the questions.

04.15.10Joris DIERCK

Hello Mike,

I was lucky enough to attend the Robin McKelle concert in Brussels on Thursday the 15th of april. It was so great! Being an (amateur) saxplayer myself I was particularly paying attention to your playing and man, am I impressed :-)

I checked out you website and -being an ardent straight jazz fanatic- I even like better your own work. I bought your CD (download) already.

Just to say you have a new fan in Belgium!

Kind regards and keep up the good work!

P.S. is that an Otto Link your are playing?

04.07.10Derek Ziemer

Hi Mike, My name is Derek Ziemer and I play alto saxophone in the Morris Jazz Ensemble and I was wondering if I would be able to get a lesson from you this weekend at jazz fest.

04.01.10ryo hashizume

Hi Mike,

Here is English version of press release which I talked about.
Please check this out, and make this weak composition better!
Thank you.


Needful Things (GPS 1206)~ It’s a irreplaceable memory that bloom at somewhere in our hearts ~Ryosuke Hashizume (tenor saxophone, clarinet, effects, voice)Takumi Seino (acoustic & electric guitar)Masako Hamamura (piano)Yasutaka Yorozu (bass)Everyone has precious memories like some treasures, in our heart. We will remember these memories by this music.There are 4 talented Japanese musicians, just here. They play the music as they tell the story, draw a picture, framed the scenery... Raindrops are their words. Breeze is their breath. Sunshine is their energy...
They show us real trust each other, real cordiality works, real creative and free music. We can see and listen, the endless imaginations’ world!!

03.29.10ryo hashizume

Hi Mike,

This is the URL for the strap which I use.

It doesn't seems to be able to order from this website, so I can take of it for you if you want.
See you tommorow!


03.23.10Uncle Pete

Your Mom sent us a note that you will be up in the Cities in a couple of weeks. If you have time, I would like to run up for a visit. Let me know if things work out for you.

03.19.10Shellie Walsh-Creeden

Hi Mike - So glad to see your passion and skill have exploded into an amazing life for you!
Not sure if you remember me, we worked together for Turning Point many moons ago in the group home in Gloucester. (how can you forget Russell??:) I noticied you have and will be playing for Chianti's in Beverly- when I spotted your name I just had to look you up and am so pleased to see all you have accomplished! I do hope to see you perform in the near future, I live in Beverly so hope you will play @ Chianti's again...although your world wide tour looks fabulous!!!
All the best Mike - you sound amazing!!

02.17.10joseph "DOC" watson

hi mike, long time no see. just wanted to let you lnow that i have 3 email addresses. by the time i get your email on the jwatson@emersonhosp.org email, you have already have played that gig. the email that you see in the above email section is the one that is the best one to let me know immediately. it's connected to my i phone. so i will get the email immediately. things are going very well with me, i've been traveling alot, and spending much of my time in montreal. i've been seeing someone up there since last july, so i go up ther every other week. let me know how your doing, love to see you play somewhere, or hook up for a drink sometime. hope all is well. DOC

02.06.10John Gilbert

This is an email address change from jgilbert@mindspring.com


I've been a big fan for a while now. I noticed you switched from Keilwerth to Selmer. Was that for any particular reason? Also, what kind of mouthpiece are you using?
Thanks for your time,

01.10.10Dana Gooley

Hello Mike,

I got a great recommendation from you from Eric Bloom and checked out those excellent tracks on Myspace. I am a pianist in Providence and wanted to ask if you are available for a gig Thursday Jan. 14 there, 8-11, at a bar called the Sidebar. It pays $100. Please let me know at gooley@brown.edu. I will return to the states Monday evening--otherwise I would call. The gig has Lee Fish on drums. Thanks!

10.18.09Nick Mainella

Hi Mike,
My name is Nick and I am writing to inquire about setting up a saxophone lesson with you.
My friend Jon Ludwig recommended that I get in touch with you after studying with you.
I am looking for something possibly in early November if you are available.
My number is 603-793-1654 and email is njm84@hotmail.com.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

10.13.09sam sadigursky


great to see you. you're playing your tail off. phil and i ended up getting a late night bus into the city, so didn't see you after the gig. hope to see you again soon. let me know if you're ever down this way. best, sam

10.12.09Timothy Coakley

Hello Mike,

I was a student of your ensemble group during the 5 week this past summer. Towards the end of the session you generously offered to write me a recommendation and I would like to take you up on that. I am in the process of applying to Berklee for Fall 2010. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

-Timothy Coakley

Heres my cell phone number incase you need to get in touch with me:


10.05.09charlotte howell (belknap)

Hey Mike,
How are you doing? I like your new website, and it looks like you've been doing some great travelling. Write back if you get a chance, and let me know when you play in Minnesota. There are some good clubs here!

09.21.09Manuel Arce

Mike, hello. Kevin McCluskey sent me your website. It is great to know about you. I always keep the best of memories about you, personally and professionally and would likke very much to renew contact with you with views to bring you hopefully to our Costa Rica International Jazz Festival 2011. All my best wishes and regards to you,
Manuel Arce

09.17.09Vaishy Blue

Blue Flower is requesting to be removed from your mailing list. Love and Thanks, Vaishy

09.12.09Tiger Okoshi

Are you free in the end of March to the beginning of April 2009?

09.09.09mike benjamin

Need a great sax player this saturday 9/12 $400 on MV 7-9:30
Hope all is well with you
Mike B

08.14.09Kate Camara

Hi Mike, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed hearing your ensemble play this week! You're such a gifted teacher and I could see remarkable chenges in the improvisational skills of the students in your group-- especially Greg Groover!
I'd love to set a time for an interview with you soon. I'll be around this afternoon, next week and following weeks. Let me know a good time for you and I to meet. It can wait until September if needed, I know how busy you are!
We'll need about an hour to an hour and a half to meet.
Best wiishes,

08.05.09Alex Terrier

Hey Mike!

how are you? it's been a while. I am listening to your music on your website, really nice!
listen, I'm writing to you because I found that the album Ars Nova from Jazz Revelation Records is available for purchase on the Itunes Store. I dont know if you were aware of that, I wasnt. One of my tunes is on it, and I think a couple of your songs are on it. I will try to check that out. Maybe you could also contact someone you know at Berklee. I dont remember if we signed anything but I had the impression thoses albums were not to be sold.
let me know what you think.
hope you're doing fine!

07.28.09John Egizi

Hey Mike it was great to talk to you the other day. I've got the dough for a lesson. I think you said that we could get together on a tuesday or a thursday, around noon or 1:00. Just give me a time and place and I'm pretty sure that I can do it. Until then, I'll be practicing..
805 794 0192

07.27.09Kate Camara

Dear Mike, I'm writing to check in with all the Five-Week City Music ensemble directors and teachers that have given us permission to observe and take notes on classes and ensembles involving the City Music youngsters. I just want to be sure that things are going well, and that our team of observers are successful in creating the least interference with your work as possible while gathering important data on the development of the ensembles and students' understanding of music theory and ear training.As you know we are trying to gather information on how ensembles develop, noting the kinds of questions asked by students, the material the students find challenging, and how the students help each other in learning the music and becoming part of a "musical community." We are particularly interested in learning how student leadership in ensembles develops, and how the students together develop confidence and the ability to "solo," "improvise" and communicate as musicians with each other. We are also interested in identifying vignettes of "best practices" in teaching, and to capture those revealing "ah-ha!" moments that occur in teaching and learning!Thank you for the opportunity you are giving us to observe these processes first-hand in your classes. I may also be visiting your class within the next two weeks, if that's OK with you, and look forward to seeing the progress that the students are making.Thank you for providing the opportunity for us to observe and record the ensemble's development. I am also hoping to schedule an interview with you this summer about your work with City Music youths. All information we gather is confidential and is used only by the YouthBEAT research team. Written and oral reports of the work we are doing will provide general information and will be presented in such a way as to not identify individuals or individual work of participants (unless we have specific written permission from participants to do so.) Please feel free to write or call me any time about any questions or concerns you may have.We are so pleased to participate in this project with Berklee City Music and to document the achievements and features of this outstanding music program for youth from underserved communities in Boston and throughout the U.S. Best,Kate

07.11.09Kate Camara

Hi Mike! Loved your improv workshops this year. I'm writing to see if we could observe and videotape your ensemble classes again this year for City Music Five-Week as part of the research/evaluation project YouthBEAT that I'm doing for Berklee City Music. If so, we'd like to start this week. I also would like to schedule an interview with you, too! You can e-mail or call my cell 978-314-2985. Thanks so much! Kate

07.10.09Kelly Roberge

Hey Mike,

hope you're having a great summer! Tony Lujan is starting a bigband and he wants you in it. The section is Allan Chase, Rick Stone, John Aruda and moi. Are you down? We'll have a few rehearsals to record something for bookings. Also, I still want to do a session duo or set up something with rhythm.

Let me know, looking forward to playin'

07.08.09Michael Tocantins

Hi there Mike-
My name is Michael Tocantins and I am friends with your sister Jenny.
So... I'm looking to get some private sax lessons for my 10 year old daughter Bella. I live here in Gloucester and I am a huge fan. If it's posible that you are in town this summer and are available that would be great! But f not could you guild me where to go, or if you know someone in the area who does privates...
Any help would be appreciated.
feel free to email me back at the address above.
Thanks for your help,
Michael Tocantins

07.04.09Rika and Shlomo Cohen

Great playing Mike!
Best Wishes for the Eilat tour.

07.01.09Carl Querfurth

Hey Mike,
I had a great time working with you at Jack's yesterday. Nice sound... Just wanted to get your contact info for my book. Nice web site!

06.30.09Lisa DiNocco

A friend of ours, Kathie Sullivan from Ipswich, has recommended that I contact you re: saxophone lessons this Summer for my daughter Renee. She mentioned you will be teaching her son this Summer. We are from Ipswich as well. My daughter will be a 6th grader this Fall at Ipswich Middle School. Is this a possibility? I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Lisa DiNocco

05.30.09Noah Kellman

Hey Mike,

Just wanted to say hey! I was the pianist in a combo you put together at the Berklee Five Week Summer program a couple of years ago. You helped me out with my tendonitis, which has actually cleared up since then.

Anyway, hope all is well man. The music all sounds great!


05.26.09Haein Erin Lee

Hi Mike,I am an assistant at Jazz Revelations Records and we are currently working on our web page - big renovation!! We'd like to know how our formal artists are carrying on their music career. If you have a short "UPDATED" bio other than what is written on your myspace and any news to share, please send us them via email. We are very looking forward to hearing from you soon!Have a great summer!Cheers,Haein Erin LeeJazz Revelation Assistant

05.15.09bruce gertz

How's mon. or Tues. for a rehearsal?

04.25.09Bill Lane

Mike, you should set up a twitter account and start tweeting your activities, inlcuding gigs and other news.


04.14.09Lisa Kaplan


2 things:
1) If you have an e-mail list, can you please add me to it.

2) Would you play at a private party in Gloucester?


04.10.09Paul Lieberman

hi mike,
i'm a friend of brian thomas--i teach jazz saxophone at umass amherst and have just moved to wakefield. your website and your sound are awesome. please add me to your email list so i can come hear you live sometime!
warm regards,


Just wondering if you are going to be at Toad w Rebecca Muir on tue April 7. Couldn\'t find any updated itinerary info. Thanks

03.06.09Sharron Timmins

Hey Mike....really enjoying what I'm hearing on your site. As a matter of fact, I've told Rebecca that a great birthday present would be one of your CDs......signed, of course! :-)

Stay well.....and keep making that fabulous music


03.05.09Nancy Thorne

I was given your name by my son's school band & jazz band instructor (Kate Ferris). Ben (age 12) has listened to your music on your website and loves it. Do you ever give saxophone lessons in the Boston area?

03.02.09Willy Dugan

Hey Mike, Are you playing in Beverly tonight? I'd love to see you. I was planning on weathering the storm with Peer Anasatas to see you but the Cafe couldn't commit to your playing.

03.02.09Peter Anastas

Hi Mike, We were hoping to catch you tonight, Mon, Mar 2, at the Wildhorse in Beverly. Will you be there? Please let us know. Hope all is well. Peter 978-283-8280

02.22.09Micah Maurio


Don't know if you remember me or not - one of Trent Austin's students... we played a Jerry Bennett gig in Phippsburg Maine over the summer - but I was just checking out your site and clips and wanted to say, you sound fantastic, man! Really dig your playing. Hope to have the honor of being on the same stage with you someday!



Yo Mike I don't have your number.... w*nt to see if you can play a gig... My number is 617-233-9552....

02.05.09Susan Lindsay

Hello Mike.

This is Susan Lindsay, and I'm working with City Music National to do a bunch of writing. I'm writing short synopses of the SYSTEM 5 15th blowout concert, and have some questions for you.

The new Berklee Pulse site has a media player, which includes segments of last year's performance, and I have to come up with the credits for each song. Here's what I'm hoping you can provide:

I'm trying to confirm:

The Core: The video makes it seem like the tune is called "The Core" but I couldn't find a Wayne Shorter tune with that name, only a Dutch jazz group. Is it a tune from The Core that your group plays?

Also... The tune "Sonny" -- who is that tune from?

Thank you! You can give me a call, too, at 774-454-8170.
Susan Gedutis Lindsay


Just letting you know that I am back in town (for good, or at least for a good long while).
I am looking to reconnect with folks and play whenever/wherever. I am teaching Tuba back at Ipswich so maybe I will see you there.
Hope you are well.

02.03.09David Salter

Hey Mike, its David Salter from this summer.
I know you agreed to write me a recomendation letter, and I tried to keep in contact (emailing this email); but after several attempts to email you in november-december it seemed like none were succesfull. Anyway, my application (early action) to Berklee was differed to regular admission and I was wondering if (you get this email that is) you could still please write me that recomendation letter. I understand your busy teaching and performing and whatnot, but it would be extremely appreciated if you could find the time to help me.
David Salter